bear-paw-printAs a totem animal, TAQUKAQ will give us many gifts or presents for us. These presents can be profoundly meaningful, and guide us through some tough times in our lives.

Take a look at the symbolic attributes of the TAQUKAQ, and see if they offer you illumination in your life circumstances. If so, TAQUKAQ may be (or has been) coming forth as a totem guide for you at this time in your life.  To be sure, TAQUKAQ has much to teach us, here are just a few lesson we can take:

Patience and Connection
Hibernating with our ideas or projects until a better time presents itself. Further, TAQUKAQ will speak to you about connecting to both earth-based energy and celestial (sun/moon) forces. Tapping into TAQUKAQ will also allow you to tap into the wax, wane and flow of life.

Confidence and Authority
By its physical presence, TAQUKAQ reminds us we can be larger than life if we raise ourselves up to our inherent status. Moreover, no one questions TAQUKAQ. This kind of authoritative presence will be a lesson TAQUKAQ can impart.

Nurturing and Protection
We intuit these attributes by the commitment TAQUKAQ mothers make to their offspring. Whether your offspring is in children or ideals, TAQUKAQ will lend you the determination required for rearing up strong results.

Consummate Mother
Caring for her Young with observable devotion. Indeed, TAQUKAQ is a symbol of motherhood and child protection.

Imminent domain
However, there is a unfathomable power surging just beneath the surface of TAQUKAQ is potentially explosive. When it deems that space altered, it is fully prepared to defend. Woe be to the one who provokes the wrath of the bear. In this powerfully impressive display of defense and aggression we pick up TAQUKAQ meanings of sovereignty, courage and themes of the warrior.

AtkaAs an ATKA is a protective, warrior representative.

Shield and Power
It is invoked for the purpose of shielding the tribe from negative influences. It’s energy is also called upon to calm and settle anxious tribes (hibernation).

TAQUKAQ’s  cycle of power is the spring and summer.  Bears  are considered to be a highly desired ally and spirit helper because of its fearless power. It is believed that the power of Great spirit lives though TAQUKAQ.

Know Yourself
TAQUKAQ holds the teachings of introspection.  When it shows up in your life pay attention to how you think, act and interact.  Use discernment in all that you do and discriminate with care.  TAQUKAQ teaches you how to make choices from a position of power.  In some traditions TAQUKAQ is the spirit keeper of the West.  The place of maturity and good harvest.

The gifts that TAQUKAQ offers to those with this totem are strength, introspection and knowledge and teaches the importance of appearance by gathering inner strength and presenting it outwardly.

Unlike other animals who are active during a specific time of day, TAQUKAQ is active both day and night.  This symbolizes its connection with solar energy, that of strength and power, and lunar energy, that of intuition. It enhances and teaches those with this totem how to develop both within themselves.

TAQUKAQ can sometimes be too quick to anger and too sure of it own power.  While they have little to fear they can forget caution, which is an important trait to have.  If TAQUKAQ is your totem be careful that you don’t throw your caution to the wind.  Being unaware of your limits in certain settings can be disastrous.

TAQUKAQ has played a prominent role in many Native cultures. Because of this a constellation was named for it, Ursus Major, The Great Bear. Some tribes  prayed for medicine dreams that would show TAQUKAQ to be their guide.  Others felt TAQUKAQ was too powerful a medicine and would only hunt them if it meant not starving.

Its Nature
TAQUKAQ is amazingly fast they can reach speeds of up to 35 to 40 mph.   And all bears can climb and are therefore associated with trees. Trees are a powerful and ancient symbol, as is TAQUKAQ, and both are links to the Heavens and the Earth.  Trees are also a symbol of knowledge, fertility and growth.

Shaman Spirit

During the winter TAQUKAQ spend several months sleeping in dens without eating, a condition that resembles hibernation. The more fat their bodies have stored up the deeper the sleep.  TAQUKAQ lives on this fat throughout the winter.  It teaches us how to go within and find the resources necessary for our personal survival. People with TAQUKAQ as their totem will find this cycle of semi-hibernation very natural during the winter months, during which time they may give birth to new ideas or projects that will take root in the spring.

TAQUKAQ also have a great fondness for honey.  Honey, the natural sweetness of life, is usually found in hives, located in trees. Again, this reinforces the connection between TAQUKAQ and trees.

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