Bear TotemTAQUKAQ has several meanings that will inspire those who have this animal as tótem or as ATKA animal:

The primary meaning of the TAQUKAQ – ATKA ( Grizzly Bear – Guardian Spirit ) animalis: is strength and confidence. Standing against adversity; taking action and leadership.

The ATKA ( Guardian Spirit ) of the TAQUKAQ ( Grizzly Bear ) indicates it is time for healing or using healing abilities to help self or others. TAQUKAQ ( Grizzly Bear ) medicine emphasizes the importance of solitude, quiet time, rest and provides strong grounding forces.

Healer and Teacher
Interestingly, in Siberia, the name used to designate women shaman is the same as the word “bear”. In Northern America, in the Inuit tradition, the TAQUKAQ – ATKA ( Grizzly Bear – Guardian Spirit ) is also connected to the shamanic tradition and women.

For the Inuit people, the TAQUKAQ ( Grizzly Bear ) is a strong power or totem animal. In some beliefs, it is said that if an Inuit hunter accepts to be eaten by TAQUKAQ, he may reincarnate as a shaman and carry the ATKA of this animal.

Since the TAQUKAQ is often associated with shamans in many traditions, this ATKA can symbolize healing abilities and stepping into the role of the healer.

If TAQUKAQ – ATKA shows up in your life, it may also be time to take care of your own needs for healing, whether it’s at the physical, emotional or spiritual level. Be sensitive to where you are at and reflect on where you would most need healing. You can call on TAQUKAQATKA to direct your energy in a more conservative or focused way. For example the polar bear is considered as the “Wise Teacher” as it shows how to survive in harsh conditions.

Bear Totem Strength and Courage
is a strong source of support in times of difficulty. It provides courage and a stable foundation to face challenges.

When TAQUKAQ shows up as ATKA in your life, it’s perhaps time to stand for your beliefs or your truth.

This power animal will provide for support and strength.

TAQUKAQ is also a guide to take leadership in your life or in other people’s lives. This animal is feared and admired for its strength. Its presence inspires respect. Its strength and powerful stature will inspire you to step into a leadership role in your life and take action without fear. When you invoke the power of the TAQUKAQ totem, reflect on the qualities of inner strength, fearlessness, and confidence in yourself and how you can project them in your world.

Grounding Forces
The TAQUKAQ is an animal that lives a solitary life. Having a TAQUKAQ as a ATKA animal can mean that you find balance and comfort in solitude. The presence of this power animal could point to the need to “regroup” and set up boundaries, so you feel comfortable in your own space. It may be a call to find time away from the crowd or busyness and favor quiet time and rest.

TAQUKAQATKA can also be a great helper to dedicate time and energy to more introspective practices, such as self-inquiry or meditation.

Call on the ATKA of the TAQUKAQ to help you find your center and ground yourself in a strong foundation that will support you in more busy and noisy times.

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