Grizzly-Bear-1Form a solid and instinctive bond with your Bear Spirit Guide.

To develop a powerful relationship with your Bear Spirit Guide, learn as much as possible about the creature, and take time to communicate with it.
The deeper the bond with it, the easier it will be to encounter it on a shamanic journey, and to fully benefit from its wisdom and other qualities.

A good way to focus attention on the essence of your Bear Spirit Guide is to perform a visualization centered on it.
Choose a current life goal, ensuring it is positive and will not harm others, and ask for the help of a power animal in achieving it:

  1. Sit or lie in a peaceful place, free of distractions, with closed eyes.
  2. Concentrate on the in-breath, and then on the out-breath, in turn, until fully relaxed and calm.
  3. Announce, out loud, the intended life goal, and ask for your Bear Spirit Guide´s support in achieving it.
  4. Rest in a peaceful, receptive state of mind. Continue to concentrate on breathing if relaxed concentration proves difficult.
  5. Calmly wait for inner images to appear spontaneously, repeating the request for help with the life goal if no images are forthcoming.
  6. Continue to focus on the life goal as mental images appear, and bond emotionally with your Bear Spirit Guide.
  7. Enjoy the sequence of images and experiences with your Bear Spirit Guide.
  8. When the journey feels complete, and this can happen fairly quickly as visualization demands considerable energy, thank your Bear Spirit Guide, and say goodbye to it.
  9. Return to everyday consciousness when ready.

Another way to invoke your Bear Spirit Guide is to request its help, or simply its companionship, just before sleeping.
Repeatedly doing this night after night encourages the Bear Spirit Guide to appear in dreams.
Put a notebook or sound recorder by the bed to record the dreams immediately on waking, and review these notes later the same day.

Displaying pictures of, reading books about and spending time with the real Bear Spirit Guide (if practical) are all excellent ways of deepening the bond with your Bear Spirit Guide.

Learn about myths and legends which feature the Bear Spirit Guide as these can be excellent sources of ancient wisdom, and invoke a real link with the spirit of the Bear Spirit Guide.

Supporting charities that care for the totem Bear Spirit Guide, either financially or with voluntary work, is a powerful gesture of solidarity.

Be sure TAQUKAQ – ATKA will be very thankful.

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