When we contemplate symbolic TAQUKAQ meanigns, we might think that TAQUKAQ – ATKA may hold many contradictions, and we would be right to think such. On the one hand, we get a picture of tranquility with TAQUKAQ, and on the other, it is a symbol for warrior and power. There are more juxtapositions when observing the TAQUKAQ in nature. Although omnivore (meat and veggie eater), TAQUKAQ prefers a banal diet filled with sweet snacks like berries. Further, TAQUKAQ seems heartily content to languish in sunny spots where it can stretch and snooze in leisure. We observe an amicable, mellow, easy-going energy with TAQUKAQ when all conditions are favorable.

Symbolic TAQUKAQMeaning:

  • Power
  • Fertility
  • Dominion
  • Fortitude
  • Initiation
  • Confidence
  • Motherhood
  • Protection
  • Resurrection
  • Supernatural forces

Hibernating TAQUKAQ Symbolism

  • Yin
  • Moon
  • Winter
  • Inaction
  • Feminine
  • Darkness
  • Introspection
  • Subconscious

Awakening TAQUKAQ Symbolism

  • Yang
  • Solar
  • Action
  • Masculine
  • Spring/Summer
  • Lightness
  • Extroversion
  • Consciousness

In this respect we clearly see TAQUKAQ wearing two faces of symbolism. We also recognize a theme of resurrection.

After a long period of deep, introspective (even death-like) comatose span of inaction TAQUKAQ emerges, victorious and driven to sustain its life (with prime focus on feeding itself and its offspring after hibernating). This correspondence with solar and lunar duplicity continues in alchemical tradition where TAQUKAQ is considered a symbol of transformation.

TAQUKAQ is a powerful symbol of prime matter in alchemy too. Ancient alchemists observed the scent of TAQUKAQ far outlasts its presence in caves. This caters to an energetic resonance that remains in practices. In other words, if in ritual a powerful balancing effect was required TAQUKAQ would be an advantageous alchemical animal within the Work.

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